Saturday, February 12, 2011

Initial Impressions: Suicidal Tendencies: Lights...Camera...Revolution

Suicidal Tendencies is a band that I heard early on in my metal history. Nevertheless, I did not really check out much of their music after hearing Join the Army. Recently, I decided to change that as I found this album for cheap. I was familiar with the opening track "You Can't Bring Me Down", which is still one of my favorite songs by the band.

So, how is this album?

Well, it's a little bit uneven truthfully. There are some strong tracks on here, in particular the aforementioned "You Can't Bring Me Down", but there are also some very different songs here as well. Suicidal Tendencies stretched their musical limits on this album, experimenting with different styles such as funk, which Mike Muir explored even further with side project Infectious Grooves.

ST is at their best when they are playing their own mastered brand of crossover thrash. No, they do not exactly sound like Bay Area thrash bands, they sound like a punk group playing thrash, but they have perfected this sound and use it to great effect. They can write some impressive and catchy riffs, and they always sound like they are having a great time doing it.

ST has always been fairly well-known for their humor and this definitely shows through in songs like "Lovely" and "Disco's Out, Murder's In". Even the first track has some humorous lyrics.

Despite the inconsistencies, Suicidal Tendencies has put out a reasonably enjoyable album. They have always been a little offbeat, so the strange styles are to be expected.

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