Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reader Submission: Catch 22: Monumetal

Catch 22 is an American band signed to Metal on Metal Records. The band has been active since 1992 and are releasing their sixth full length album in 2011. The band's sound is a mix of power, thrash, and traditional metal. Think Iced Earth and 1980's U.S. bands like Jag Panzer and you have a pretty good idea.

The Iced Earth comparison is pretty apt, given that guitarist T.J. Berry uses a similar galloping, heavy riffing style. Although that is not to say that the band completely aped that style, just that they have a similar sound. In fact, more than likely, the band was influenced by a lot of the same bands as Iced Earth, early American power metal and Bay Area thrash metal. At times, the music sounds similar to groups like Queensryche and Sanctuary, with an almost progressive structure and mechanical sounding riffs.

The thing that I came away with impressed the most was the bass sound. The bass guitar is fairly high in the mix. It is also usually doing something very interesting. The bass is an integral part of this band's music. That is not something that a lot of other bands care much about, but it is very important here.

Vocally, Catch 22 uses two singers, each with very different voices so it is easy to discern them. The vocals are typically delivered in a harsh, almost snarled style, very similar to 1980's U.S. power metal and some Bay Area thrash.

The band is clearly influenced by American metal bands of the 1980's and they wear these influences on their sleeve. As I am a big fan of many of the scenes from those times, this is music that I can really get into. I think this is a terrific album, that though it will be released this year, sounds like it could have easily been released in 1988. The album name is kind of a play on words, but this album really does serve as a monument to metal.

EDIT: I have been corrected, apparently Berry is the only singer. He certainly has a wide range.

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  1. Very cool. I love Iced Earth, and I love me some good bass playing. I may have to watch out for this one.