Sunday, January 9, 2011

Initial Impressions: Enslaved: "The Watcher" Flexi Disc

"The Watcher" is a live track of a song that originally appeared on the album Vertebrae. It begins with a little acoustic noodling and then takes off into a rumbling heavy riff and some typical black metal vocals. The choruses are sung in a clean vocal style and sound incredible. I have seen Enslaved in concert and they really do sound this incredible. This is a heavier song than a lot of their other more recent output, but it definitely still has its melodic parts.

As mentioned the song does appear in its original form on Vertebrae. It is a great example of a latter day Enslaved song, bearing black metal and progressive metal in equal amounts. This is not a mandatory release for any casual fans, but it is nice for those completists out there.

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