Friday, January 28, 2011

The Arabic Anti-Islamic Legion

I am at the old house and the internet is still connected, so I thought I would kill some time while the scrubbing bubbles are working their magic and do a quick post.

I did not see Kelly's similar post before I started this one, so do not think I am copying him. He once lamented that there are very few bands that are attacking Islam. Well, here is this group of bands that collectively are standing up against the religion.

Recently, I became aware of the Arabic Anti-Islamic Legion, similar to Les Legions Noires. Here is the website to look into it. Hopefully the site will still be working.

There are two bands that are members that have currently uploaded their demos to the website.

Janaza is a hell of a minority. There is only one member, and Anahita is a woman, possibly the only one-woman black metal band from an Arab country. Janaza is from Iraq, Baghdad more precisely.

Obviously, the song titles evidence where Janaza stands when it comes to Islam. Songs like "Burn the Pages of Quran", "Islamic Lies", and "When Islam Brainwashed Mankind" are about as subtle as a punch in the face. Janaza also pays tribute to Nargaroth with "Black Metal Ist Krieg".

Musically, this is fairly capable, raw black metal. Do not go in expecting something slickly produced and melodic. It's violent and hateful music. It is also fairly simple structurally. There is a lot of room to grow for Janaza.

Tadnees is not yet on the Metal Archives. The demo starts out with a clip from a talk program about Islam against some imposing music. This band is also pretty straightforward with their views against Islam with songs called "From Mosque to Dust" and "Sacrilege of Mosques".

Tadnees is even more raw than Janaza. Think early Burzum mixed with Xasthur and you might have an idea. Tadnees even covers Burzum's "Dunkelheit" on this demo. Tadnees occasionally breaks into a more melodic interlude, but their riffing is much more simple and raw.

There are other bands listed on the website as well, but no other demos yet. These are not going to be mainstream-friendly bands. They are very raw and kvlt as fuck. This is just a small example of a growing scene. It does help answer the question of whether there are bands against Islam out there. I think bands have to be more exposed to the religion to develop strong feelings against it. These bands are from countries where there is more exposure to Islam, so they are well familiar with it.


  1. I will definitely check these out. It's good to hear about them.

  2. Wow, that's quite a bold statement! It's an important thing for us Westerners to remind ourselves that not all metalheads have the chance to live in countries in which freedom of expression is not undermined by religious and/or political authorities; we have to encourage these people.

    For those of you who would like a little more reading on the status of metal and its censorship in the Middle East, along with China, South East and North America, the Freemuse Report is available for download on this page: