Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Compilations: Century Media Sampler 2004

It's a short one today. I am in the process of moving and I found some promos and other compilations that I forgot that I owned. I am pretty sure this came along with the Shadows Fall album The War Within, which I bought when it came out. It is only made up of five songs, but I had not heard of any of these groups at the time I got this sampler.

At this time, God Forbid had a more metalcore-ish sound than their current one. The band was actually a little bit better when they were a metalcore band. Their more recent album is not as impressively energetic as this track. Of course, Byron Davis has always had a powerful voice. This isn't bad. I don't think I have listened to this since I bought either of the albums I own by God Forbid. I would not say this influenced me to look into them though. Some impressive riffing and soloing make this a pretty damn good song.

I have never really been as big a fan of The Haunted as the Bjorler brothers' previous band At The Gates. This song is a hell of a fast one. It's a bit more geared toward thrash metal than the melodic death of At The Gates. The Haunted has always been closer to thrash. It's not a bad track. For some reason, I just never got into The Haunted. Maybe that will change after hearing this one again.

Not a metal band, but rather a very melodic metalcore group. Some decent clean singing, but the harsh vocals are pretty bad. This is pretty bad actually. I vaguely recall something else by this band that was not bad. This is just too generic though.

Heaven Shall Burn is a metalcore band from Germany, but they are actually one of the better ones out there. This band injects a fair bit of melodic death metal into their metalcore style. The riffs are pretty damn heavy, impressive and a little odd for the style of music. This is pretty decent and it does not sound like all the other metalcore bands out there.

Kind of a stupid name. Stampin' Ground plays hardcore sort of like Hatebreed but with more Slayer influence. I suppose you could make an argument that this band is or is not metal based on the riffing. I don't really know. I am not much of a fan of the Hatebreed sound, so this really does not do much for me. It's okay, but why listen to this, when you can listen to Hatebreed? And FYI, I do not like Hatebreed, so I will pass.


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  2. You are probably right about the source. I got the same sampler with that album.

  3. As you know, I'm not a big fan of thrash. But I love The Haunted (I think I have all their albums, but I'd have to double-check that to be sure.) Their rEVOLVEr album was on my top albums of the decade, if you'll recall.

  4. The Haunted is okay, but they just do not really do it for me.

  5. I used to really like The Haunted, but I saw them live in Pittsburgh and it was a really funky and off-putting show. After that I my feelings about them were never quite the same.