Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Grammy Nominations

I am usually on the ball with this, because I have kind of a sick desire to know what the Grammys nominate for the Best Metal category. It's like a trainwreck, that I just cannot look away from.

Well, here's this year's nominees, quite a bit late this year:

Iron Maiden: "El Dorado"

Korn: "Let the Guilt Go"

Lamb of God: "In Your Words"

Megadeth: "Sudden Death"

Slayer: "World Painted Blood"

Okay, so, completely predictable. Lamb of God and Slayer seem to get nominated every year, whether they actually released an album or not. Megadeth has been nominated several times lately as well, but I am not sure what this song is, it's not on their last album. I guess it appeared on a recent Guitar Hero game. Iron Maiden was, of course, a high profile release from a high profile band, and they will likely win it. Korn is the obligatory "what the fuck?" band.

Iron Maiden wins it in a sort of tribute to their larger discography, which has heretofore been ignored by the Grammys.

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