Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Initial Impressions: Brutal Truth Flexi-Disc

Yesterday, I received my latest issue of Decibel in the mail and there was a surprise: a free flexi-disc featuring two songs off of Brutal Truth's latest album. I was not totally familiar with the band. I have heard of them of course, but since grindcore is not really my thing, outside of a few exceptions, I had never really heard them.

Well, I am definitely impressed with the band's sound. They're loud, brutal, and fast. Of course all of that could be expected, they are a grindcore band after all. There is enough metal influences here to keep me interested though. The band sounds like more recent Napalm Death, a group that I have grown to really enjoy.

This is just a small sample of the band's material, and I have to say that it has piqued my interest enough to seek out more of the band's stuff. I will have to start with the new album. Thanks Decibel.


  1. I read that next month will have an exclusive Enslaved track. Therefore, I need to get a $100 turntable to take advantage of free music. (Just enough of a turntable to plug into my computer and record the damn thing to an MP3. Did they stop to think that a free download would be cheaper? I suppose it's not as attention-grabbing, though.)

  2. These 2 tracks - Walking Corpse 2012 and You Should Know Better - are from the same session as Brutal Truth's latest album, but were not released until this flexi. I hear that Relapse will reissue a deluxe digital version of the last Brutal Truth album w/ those 2 tracks on December 7th