Thursday, July 15, 2010

Initial Impressions: Lecherous Nocturne: Adoration of the Blade

Lecherous Nocturne is an American death metal band that has recently toured with Cannibal Corpse. They are beginning to get some more underground attention, and rightfully so as this is the kind of dirty, raw, and ugly death metal that we need in a time when many death metal bands are over-produced, overly technical, or passionless. This is a breath of fresh air, as long as that air stinks of evil.

This is occult death metal more in lines with groups like Incantation and Immolation. The riffs have a meaty, otherworldly sound to them. The songs are all relatively short and fast. The whole album clocks in at less than half an hour making this a quick listen. Despite the short nature, each of the songs has a somewhat complex structure, it is not just constant chaos. Even the title track, the shortest song at less than two minutes, does not constantly blast as many death metal bands do.

The only bad thing about this album is the production. The riffs are so high in the mix that the vocals really cannot be heard much at all. It's unfortunate because the vocals are another strong aspect of the band. I would like to see this band develop their ideas a little more as well. At this band, they are a younger band, but they have some potential to be a devastating death metal band.

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