Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frostland Darkness: Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia (2013)

I generally like those one-man black metal bands that are ambitious musically.  You can only hear so many ultra-lo-fi, raw, bedroom black metal bands.  I like the ones that try hard, like Burzum, Dodsferd, Lament Configuration, and others.  As you must have inferred by now, Frostland Darkness is a one-man black metal band.  Mantus Nord is the man behind the project, and he is from Finland.

Opening track "Rienaaja" is slow-paced with the same riff repeated over and over.  It does speed up in the final third, but the riff does not really change, making for a fairly dull listen.  Much of the rest of the album follows in the same general pattern, though most of the tracks start out much faster and just never really relent in speed.  The problem is that this is definitely more along the lines of the simplistic one-man black metal bands as mentioned before that I do not care as much for.

That is not the case for the entire album.  "Tuhon Kirkkaudessa" has a melodic opening and is probably the most dynamic track on the album, even though it does settle into the familiar single riff song.  It definitely has the cold atmosphere that good black metal is supposed to have.  In fact, the atmosphere is one thing this album has a decent amount of.  The other interesting aspect is that all of the lyrics are in Finnish, as could be concluded from the song titles referenced.  However since it is black metal, the lyrics can not really be understood anyway.

The biggest problem with this album is that it is fairly boring.  Since it is pretty simple and there is a lack of dynamics, not much really stands out about it.  It is not particularly impressive musically and it is not different enough from any other black metal band out there to capture attention.  As such, repeated listens are not likely to be frequent.  

I do not think this is a bad album.  Far from it.  It is just kind of boring.  I have said before, sometimes that is worse.

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