Thursday, January 16, 2014

Decibel Hammer: Culture of Extermination (2013)

I can not confirm whether Decibel Hammer's name came from combining two of the current still active metal magazine names.  They were not completely obvious about it after all.  It could have been Revolver Terrorizer I suppose.  But no, it's Decibel Hammer.

Anyway, Decibel Hammer is a Finnish death/thrash metal band who released their first EP last year.  It is a short slice of extreme metal that flies by in the blink of an eye.  It is filled to the brim with blasting drums, rampaging riffs, and some half-crazed vocals.  None of the six tracks here reaches the four minute mark.  Each song is a relentless, full-throttle mass of riffs and screaming.  And after a little more than fifteen minutes, it's all over.

Musically, Decibel Hammer sounds most like a combination of the early German thrash metal bands Sodom and Kreator with some Demolition Hammer thrown in.  It is a very extreme form of thrash metal.  The riffs are fast and incredibly heavy, even machine gun-like at times.  The vocals sound like Attila Csihar singing thrash metal.  They just have a kind of demented quality that Attila used to terrific effect.

This is a fairly impressive little EP.  I like my thrash nasty and loud and this definitely qualifies.

Decibel Hammer Bandcamp.

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