Thursday, October 4, 2012

Initial Impressions: Hooded Menace: Effigies of Evil

A couple of years ago Hooded Menace released an album that got a lot of praise that I really wanted to hear.  I never actually got around to checking them out on that one however.  Well just recently they released a new album and I was determined not to make that same mistake again.

Hooded Menace is described as a death/doom metal band with lyrics dealing mostly with horror themes.  After listening to this album a few times, I think they are basically a doom metal band.  There really is not a lot of death metal elements present here.  Some of the riffs are a little more distorted than they would be on a traditional doom metal release, but not quite to the degree they would be on a death metal release.  About the only real death metal element present here is the vocal style of Lasse Pyykko.  His vocals are a very deep roar which calls to mind some of Demilich's and Opeth's work.

Despite the miscategorization of the band, this is a very enjoyable release.  For the most part, the riffing is clean and down-tuned to allow for an evil and eerie feeling.  Coupled with the death metal-esque vocals and samples lifted from old horror movies, this works quite well in conveying the horror that the songs are typically about.  

I really enjoyed this album.  It was definitely worth the wait.

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