Friday, October 12, 2012

Initial Impressions: Aborted: Global Flatline

Belgian bashers Aborted are all about brutality.  There is absolutely nothing pretty or melodic about them.  At all.  Also as you can see from the band's name, they are not the most subtle lyricists in the world.  Everything about the band is chaotic and loud as hell.  But there is always something to be said for that kind of music.  And once in awhile I want to listen to something that is likely to cause brain hemorrhaging.  Good thing too.

Aborted is coming off releasing a couple of albums that were not real well-received.  Their last album was reviewed very poorly by most.  That is due to the band's experimentation with the dreaded deathcore.  But this album sees Aborted returning to the crushing brutal death metal that they had perfected for years before attempting to branch out a little bit.  Let that be a lesson.  Never experiment.  Ever.

I am kidding about those last two sentences of course, but I am not kidding about how much I enjoy this album.  This is bone-crushing death metal the way it should be.  It's brutal and uncompromising, grinding death.  This is how a band that calls themselves Aborted should sound.  The dual vocal sound of Sven De Caluwe even sounds refreshed and as psychotically menacing as ever.

Aborted has undergone an almost complete overhaul of members, apart from the ever-present De Caluwe of course, since their last album.  Perhaps De Caluwe felt this was the only way to purge the disappointment of the last two albums.  It is not unusual for the band to be constantly changing however.  It is De Caluwe's project and his alone. 

I love this album.  I love a flesh-peeling death metal album and this one definitely qualifies.

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