Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sorry About the Lack of Posts

As many (or a few, I don't have an accurate grasp on my audience) have probably noticed, I have not been posting much lately. It is kind of difficult when you are running a business. Things have been extremely busy for me. Which is good. Business is thriving. Unfortunately, it means I have less time to spend on this blog. Maybe some day that will change again. I have no idea. I just have to kind of go with the flow. Hopefully you will all bear with me.


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    1. I've noticed the lack of posts. It's good to hear that your business is doing well, though. Hopefully we'll see more activity from you soon, but of course there are higher priorities.

  2. You're more than welcome to join as a member of my blog, if you wish. Sporadic, unpredictable posting schedules tend to reduce readership, so if you posted on my blog you'd probably get more readers for your occasional posts. (Sitemeter tells me I average 85 visits per day, and Blogger tells me it's 120 pageviews per day.) I've also actually gotten to the point that the number of freebies I've gotten has almost become overwhelming, so it would be nice to be able to spread the love and have more time to listen to the music that I choose. It's up to you, and I totally understand if you want to just keep doing your own blog. I would only ask that you not mess with the layout/design of the blog, make sure photos and videos are no wider than 500 pixels, and follow certain parameters when adding post labels (i.e., add the country, the US state if applicable, the record label if any, and the genre as post labels, but not the band name). E-mail me if you're interested.

    In fact, Patrick, the same goes for you. Even though you're not an attorney, it would be good to have your different ideas on the blog as well.

  3. Kelly, I may be interested in that. I will have to give it some thought. I know we discussed joining forces previously.

  4. No pressure. I think we'd both benefit a little.