Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Initial Impressions: Vektor: Outer Isolation

Even in retro-thrash, it was only natural that some bands would choose the road less traveled. There were already plenty of bands aping the Bay Area sound, plenty seeking to sound like East Coast thrash, and plenty attempting the Teutonic thrash style. So it was natural that there would be a band choosing their major influence to be the Canadian sci-fi thrash metal band Voivod. Vektor is that band even going so far as to have a similar logo. Voivod was a very original band and Vektor has seemingly decided to model their foundation on Voivod's fundamental weirdness. But saying that Vektor is a Voivod clone is far too simple, and quite frankly, incorrect.

I wanted to check out Vektor for quite a long time, since reading positive reviews on their first release Black Future. Unfortunately, it took quite awhile before I was able to do so. Now that I have heard them though, I can say that they are definitely one of the most impressive bands from the retro-thrash metal movement. They are a truly unique band, with a wide spectrum of influences.

Vektor kicks things off with blistering 10+ minute opener "Cosmic Cortex" which features a whirlwind of riffs. Many of the songs have a bit of a mechanical, science fiction feel to them. The songs feature mostly progressive structures similar to Voivod of course, as well as groups like Atheist and Cynic. The vocals sound like a cross between Schmier of Destruction and Chuck Schuldiner's progressive material.

The opening track sets the pace and Vektor never really slows down from there. The guitars sound crisp and, even though the riffs are relatively straightforward, the music sounds complex. The bass is prominent which is definitely a plus. Voivod's bass was also always pretty noticeable.

This is really an incredible record. I am definitely keeping an eye on this band. Seeing the logo and the song titles would lead one to believe that Vektor was a Voivod clone, but that is certainly not the case. Vektor has their own unique sound, Voivod is just an influence. This album is on par with the top albums from last year. If I had heard it earlier, it probably would have been ranked fairly highly.


  1. At first glace I actually thought this was a Voivod album, and that had me a little confused at first. This definitely sounds like something worth checking out, though.

  2. I actually don't really care for Voivod, but I'm loving this album so far. I thought I detected a hint of Dani Filth in the vocals, perhaps?

  3. Maybe a little bit. I love this album more and more each time I hear it.