Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Initial Impressions: Warbringer: Worlds Torn Asunder

It would appear as if the retro thrash metal wave has passed. Most of the bands that populated the wave still exist at this time but we will probably begin to see a die-off with them. Only a few will continue, much like the first thrash metal wave. Only the strong will survive.

Warbringer is one of the strong ones. The band has rarely sounded like an imitator. It is very clear that they know the subject material well and have crafted their own take on it. It still sounds like Bay Area thrash, but it is Bay Area thrash done with a more modern twist.

Unfortunately this album is not exactly a step forward for the band. They are not treading any new waters with this release. It is very similar sonically to their prior albums. There is nothing really wrong with that per se. There are not a lot of bands out there who continue to put out innovative release after innovative release. Some are just content with the status quo. Warbringer appears to be one of those bands.

Their music remains aggressive with razor-sharp thrash riffs and in-your-face vocals. So basically, it is a Bay Area thrash metal record. No more, no less. As a fan of the scene, I have no problem with this. It is just not essential listening, that's all.

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