Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reader Submissions: Cadaverous Condition: Burn Brightly Alone

Recently Wolfgang Weiss of Austrian extreme metal band Cadaverous Condition contacted me to review his band's album. The band has apparently been around a very long time, forming in 1990. However, I was not familiar with them.

I went into the album expecting some sort of death metal with maybe some other influences thrown in. I was not expecting this. Cadaverous Condition do definitely have some rather straight-forward death metal songs, but a lot of the tracks are more acoustic folk-sounding, yet retaining the death metal vocals. It was pretty shocking to say the least. Included in the tracks was "We Both Go Down", which could be one of the clearest examples of a death metal love song.

Some of the songs are, as previously alluded to, fairly straightforward and simple riff-based death metal tracks. The band has been around a long time, so this is not unexpected. They do have a more old school approach to death metal, there are no technical or modern influences here, it's just good, old-fashioned death metal. These tracks are fine but are not where the band really shines.

It is the more folk-inspired tracks that really make this album. The melodies are often incredible. While the vocals do not really match the atmosphere of these tracks, they do not detract from it either. They often featuring haunting background vocals as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with this album. The music was not what I initially suspected to a large degree. The band has a terrific grasp on melodies and use their gift to some impressive results.

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