Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reader Submission: Xpulsion: War is Imminent EP

Well that was fast. Within a few days after reviewing their new song, Nicolas from Xpulsion contacted me again to inform me that they have finished up their EP. The first song is on there, so I won't rehash anything about it. But there are three new songs on this EP.

The songs are structured similarly, with the exception of the closing title track. The first three songs each start out slow with a bass or drum rhythm leading into fast and frenetic thrash riffing. This band definitely utilizes speed. Usually about halfway through the song, the vocals kick in, which are fairly typical shouted vocals, normal for thrash metal.

The title track is the standout here as it kicks into high gear right away and never lets up. It closes with the ominously spoken name of the song, ending the EP on an impressive note.

The musicians are all highly competent and the music is pretty good. However, it does not really offer anything new, so people who are not fans of thrash metal already really will not find anything to change their minds.

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