Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reader Submission: Battlerage: True Metal Victory

Metal on Metal Records contacted me once again with a few new releases to look into. Among these was this new release from Chilean true metal warriors Battlerage.

Battlerage was not a band I was previously aware of, but after hearing this album, I will definitely be watching this band. Battlerage is a throwback to classic, epic metal bands like Manowar, Manilla Road, and Brocas Helm. They fly the true metal banner quite proudly, particularly evident in song titles like "Raw Metal".

Their music is energetic and infectious. It is difficult not to bang your head along with this. They are not the most original band in the world, but they know their source material well and are extremely capable musicians.

The vocals are the best quality here. Singer Fox-Lin Torres does not have a huge range, but he has a lot of character in his vocal style. Whether performing with a gravelly sneer or a Dracula-esque clean, soaring style, his vocals always draw the most attention.

Even though this is the band's third album, it is the first I have heard of them. I will definitely be looking into them some more though.

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  1. I love that cover art. Having listened to a little bit of this, though, it strikes me that the vocals may be a bit of an acquired taste. I'm not totally sure yet if I like his voice, or if it annoys me.