Monday, August 29, 2011

Initial Impressions: Revocation: Chaos of Forms

The re-emergence of thrash metal over the last decade has resulted in bands of varying quality. The best bands are those that are not simply rehashing past sounds. Revocation is one of these bands.

Revocation is not simply a thrash metal band. For one, they are far more technical, drawing most of their thrash metal influences from groups like Heathen, Watchtower, and others. The band also has significant death metal influences from other technical groups like Atheist and later Death that shine through at times.

Revocation has built on the success of their last album and has become more complex and interesting music-wise. They play around with some gang vocals at times and some non-metal influenced moments such as a heavily jazz-inflected instrumental toward the end of the album. This is most certainly not a recycled thrash metal album from the 1980's. Revocation incorporate their diverse influences into a fluid and ever-changing monster of a sound.

If there is one complaint about this band, it's the vocals. The vocal style is unwavering metalcore-ish shouting. It just does not really fit the more forward-thinking style of metal present in the music.

Revocation definitely make a lot of noise. This is an extremely vicious full-on attack from the young band. The future of the band looks bright. Hopefully they will adopt a different style of vocals and they can rise to the top of the American metal scene.

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