Monday, March 16, 2009

Andreas Kisser Insults Cavalera Conspiracy

Have you listened to the “Cavalera Conspiracy” debut album? Do you think that maybe one day will happen to co-operate again with Max and Igor?

I’ve heard the album, it is not bad but they could do a lot better. For what people was expecting, I think it is very weak. Who knows what the future will be? This is
something we don’t think about, I am looking forward to see, respecting our past
but working towards the future.

This from Andreas Kisser, guitarist for Sepultura, on his former bandmates Max and Iggor Cavalera and their new project Cavalera Conspiracy. Personally, I think he's wrong. I didn't love CC, but I thought it was a hell of a lot better than anything Sepultura has put out since Max left. Kisser is still desperately clinging to whatever credibility the band has left. The fact of the matter is that all of the parties are jokes to some degree or another. Sepultura put out some great thrash metal, but basically have proven to be nothing more than bandwagoners as far as music goes. When there is a trend, Sepultura will follow it. Now that thrash has become popular again, perhaps they will revert. The Cavaleras are not much different unfortunately. Despite my love for some of Sepultura's music, I have lost a lot of respect for them creatively.

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