Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grand Magus: The Hunt

I am late on Grand Magus every year for some reason.  It is unfortunate because Grand Magus is good enough to make my Top Ten every year.  Seriously.

So this is the latest album by the band, the third one that I have heard.  The basic sound has been the same for years.  Grand Magus plays heavy metal in the style of bands from the early 1980's.  It is melodic, fast-paced, and as infectious as the plague.  They just churn out great song after great song.  Each song is anthemic.  It's the kind of music that can easily get you banging your head or pumping your fist along with it.

Of course being able to write decent songs and being able to play an instrument are two distinct skills.  Luckily Grand Magus are incredibly talented musicians as well.  Each member of the band is a terrific talent. The music is propelled forward by the riffwork of JB with the impressive bass of Fox Skinner and drumming of Ludwig Witt covering the rhythm sections.  JB is also one hell of a vocalist and is easily one of the best clean vocalists in metal today.

The big highlights are "Storm King", "Valhalla Rising", and "Silver Moon".  Each one of them catchier than the last.

There really is not much to say about this album.  If you enjoy heavy metal, you should be listening to Grand Magus.

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