Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cataloguing My Metal Collection Pt. 119

ARTIST:  Alice in Chains
ORIGIN:  Seattle, WA (United States)
TITLE:  Nothing Safe: Best of the Box
LABEL:  Columbia Records
YEAR:  1999
GENRE:  Grunge Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "Man in the Box" (Live)
NOTES:  Alice in Chains released a box set in 1999 as well as this album which basically collected the best tracks from the box set.  I picked it up because, other than the self-titled album and the acoustic album, I did not have any full-lengths by the band, despite loving most of their music.  So I got this.  The best track is actually on the short bonus disc with a live version of "Man in the Box" with an incredibly sludgy main riff.

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  1. I got the box set myself, although I kick myself over it because I should have bought all the albums instead. Slowly but surely I'm getting them. Anyway, it came with a CD with videos that I tried to play a couple years ago, but man was it a primitive video program. I don't recall ever getting it to work.