Friday, December 10, 2010

Initial Impressions: Limbonic Art: Phantasmagoria

I picked this one up last night while doing some Christmas shopping. I had heard of Limbonic Art before but never really heard them. I will be honest, the cover art really drew me in.

Limbonic Art is a symphonic black metal band, but unlike Dimmu Borgir's recent output, they are still focused on the black metal side of their sound. The band is made up of one member this time around, Daemon kicked out former member Morfeus in order to focus on creating this album, which is epic and malevolent.

Black metal riffs are often combined with Wagnerian symphonic sounds on this release. Some sections slow way down and the symphonic parts take over. But there are seldomly any parts where the black metal influences are not obvious.

This album is rich, dynamic and multi-layered. It has an absolutely massive sound. This album is what Dimmu Borgir has failed to put out this year. It is a great example of symphonic black metal.

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  1. I have their Ultimate Death Worship (which I still think is a hilariously nonsensical name) and I recall kind of liking it, but not being crazy about it. And then this album got some really bad reviews, so I stayed away. Perhaps I should reconsider.