Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Initial Impressions: 1349: Demonoir

1349 is a throwback to a much more malevolent and hostile black metal sound. They still wear corpsepaint, they still do not smile, they still beat their listeners into submission with extremely powerful and fast riffs and thundering blastbeats. They are evil and frightening and relentless.

The last time out, they delved into their experimental side. A decision which lead many listeners away from them. The time for experimentation is over, it's back to the basics here.

Not all of the aggression and speed is back, but this is certainly better than the meandering mess the band released last time out. The tremolo picked riffs and thunderous drums have made their return, as has the overall chaotic feel to the album. This album feels like the end of the world. Just slightly less so than their earlier material.

If you want a blasting, hyperactive black metal album, this one is definitely for you. I prefer their earlier stuff myself, but this album comes close to it, much better than last year's album.

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