Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thargos: Black Metal Punkz

What we have here are two fast-paced fun songs from Thargos. This green vinyl release includes songs "Black Metal Punkz" and "Dying Old Man." As the title of this review implies, the name of the release is very appropriate as the sound of this release is a combination of black metal and punk.

"Black Metal Punkz" starts out with a raspy shriek attracting the listener's attention before the band dives into the fast paced anthemic song. The stucture of the song is simple, verse-bridge-chorus-verse with an extremely simple but catchy chorus. The riffs are straightforward thrash/punk and the vocals are usually clean with the occasional raspy moment. The lyrics are a pretty standard glorification of the genre.

"Dying Old Man" is similar to the prior track musically. Where it differs is in the lyrical content. Whereas "Black Metal Punkz" was an anthemic barn-burner, the lyrics to "Dying Old Man" deal with the exact subject matter the name implies: the reflections on the life of a dying man. Despite the bleak subject matter, this track is again a lot of fun because of the fast-paced riffs and catchy chorus.

All in all, this 2 track single packs a lot of fun into slightly more than seven and a half minutes. The production is excellent and the green vinyl treatment is visually striking.

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