Sunday, January 25, 2009

Soilent Green: Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction

Sludge metal is one of the first genres I discovered when I was starting out on my metal journey. I first picked up Corrosion of Conformity's Deliverance when I was about 13. Unfortunately, nothing I have heard in this genre beyond Acid Bath really comes close to that first album for me. Soilent Green, despite not being completely sludge metal as they have obvious death and grind influences as well, are no different. That's not to say the album is not enjoyable, it just does not meet the same standard as tht C.O.C. classic.

The major problem area with this album, and the band in general, is the vocals of Ben Falgoust, who utilizes a raspy, guttural growl. Do not get me wrong, I actually enjoy Falgoust in general, but I prefer his work with Goatwhore, than Soilent Green. The reason for this is that his vocal style simply works better in the black/death sort of music of Goatwhore than the style of Soilent Green. The other problem is that Falgoust does not change his vocal style at any point during this album.

The riffs are of course what really drive this album. Brian Patton, despite being a little unorthodox, can write some truly memorable riffs. He can also play a pretty decent acoustic part. The guitar is distorted but has a great tone, especially on the leads. Occasionally the death/grind influences do show through in the guitar riffs. The bass usually follows along with the drums and often cannot be heard on its own.

The music in general is fairly fast paced, with thundering drums. There is an occasional break in the speed though while Falgoust continues screaming over the top of it. The songs are all short, with only one song breaking the four and a half minute mark, by just two seconds. This makes for an easy listen.

Overall, the album is pretty good, it's not as good as the classics of the genres, but is a decent listen. I do still prefer Falgoust's voice in Goatwhore though. I would probably like Soilent Green a little more with a different singer.

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