Sunday, March 4, 2018

Metal Mail: War on Metal

I recently placed an order on a small record label, mostly to check out the reissue of Summoning's debut.  Deciding not to get just one album, I also picked out a demo that I thought I would like.  

I went about discovering Summoning in a weird order.  The Austrian black metal band has been around for a long time, forming in 1993, but I just decided to check them out this year.  I started with their newest release, 2018's With Doom We Come.  That review is coming soon, but it was not quite what I expected.  Nevertheless, I gave them another chance, picking up the reissue of their debut album here.  It is clear from this release that Summoning was still looking for their niche, this is a much more typical black metal release from this time period, but there are moments where the band's future sound shines through.  Certain songs lean heavily on atmospheric keyboard melodies, which became the band's calling card later on.  I definitely enjoyed this release a lot more than their new album, which I am still working on discovering.

This is the first demo from a Chilean death metal trio.  South America tends to produce some filthy and raw old school metal and Vomit is no exception.  Taking their cues mainly from the very early death metal bands, Vomit is completely filthy.  I can definitely identify a strong influence from Possessed, particularly in second track "Vomiting Death" which has a riff clearly resembling Possessed's "The Exorcist".  But Vomit is definitely not a clone of older bands.  They do add their own twists onto things.  This is just the band's first demo and they did release a second one last year too, but I have not managed to find that one.  I will be keeping an eye on this band.  I have been a fan of South American extreme metal since first hearing Sepultura and the continent has not let me down yet.

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