Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cataloguing My Metal Collection Pt. 75

ARTIST:  Faith No More
ORIGIN:  San Francisco, CA (United States)
TITLE:  The Real Thing
LABEL:  Slash Records
YEAR:  1989
GENRE:  Alternative Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "The Real Thing"
NOTES:  Faith No More was one of the earliest metal bands I remember, even before Metallica.  I remember my older brother getting this album on cassette when I was still very young.  I have vivid memories of the videos for "Epic", "Falling to Pieces", and "From Out of Nowhere".  All of these memories eventually lead me to pick up this album for myself.  I still love this one.  Mike Patton's voice had a ton of range.  Although it sounds somewhat dated now, this is still a fun one to put on occasionally.

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