Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Initial Impressions: Naglfar: Teras

Naglfar, the Swedish melodic black metal band, was an early band that I checked out when I began really expanding my metal horizons after law school.  I was very impressed with Harvest at the time and checked out some of their prior material.  I kind of grew out of them after awhile though.  This is actually their first album since Harvest, which is odd since it has been five years.

Not much has changed musically for Naglfar.  This is still surprisingly catchy black metal with a strong sense of melody.  It is not anything revolutionary, but Naglfar does it well.  There are plenty of other bands who play the same general style of Naglfar but few play it with the same intensity.

Naglfar's music is streamlined and packs a punch.  They do not really do a lot of melodic interludes or buildup for songs.  They just launch into the aggressive, fast riffing that they have always done.  Of course Wrath continues to sound like a man in need of an exorcist.  I have not heard a lot of the band's material with Jens Ryden so I don't have a lot of ability to compare the two.  Wrath's vocals fit the band's sound pretty well though.

As I mentioned, this is a solid release, but it is not spectacular.  Naglfar's albums sound basically the same.  They do a decent job at what they do, but there is not much else to say.

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